WebRanger Visualizations

Visualizing Web Traffic with WebRanger

WebRanger provides analytical views for traffic directed to your websites including threats and filtered HTTP Requests. We provide insights for our users to monitor and analyze web traffic going in and out of their websites. WebRanger visualizes traffic as graphs and grids for convenience when it comes to traffic analysis.

Aside from HTTP Requests, we also visualize and quantify two elements that are essential when it comes to monitoring with WebRanger – Events and Alerts. Events (or Logs) are HTTP Requests that are possibly flagged as malicious traffic. These are not necessarily considered as threats but simply filtered HTTP Requests going to your website. WebRanger uses these logs to further analyze if there is a threat occurring. Alerts (or Threats) are correlated or processed events or HTTP logs. Basically, these are a group of events correlated based on a set of rules defined by the Pandora Security Operations Center (SOC) as attack behavior. Events sent to WebRanger are analyzed, correlated and processed into an alert (or threat). With WebRanger, web traffic can now be visualized, observed and analyzed.

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