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Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network or CDN is a network of web servers that delivers web pages or any type of web content depending on the geo location of a user computer or system. The closest CDN servers to that user is the one responsible in delivering the webpages, speeding up the process of web access. This system definitely improves websites especially those who always have high volumes of web traffic. Basically, copies of your website are distributed across different web servers and these web servers respond to users closest to them based on geo location.

With WebRanger’s very own CDN, websites passing through it would definitely see an improvement in their bandwidth consumption, network latency and web page delivery duration. By using WebRanger, every domain that you add, including your subdomains, would gain the benefits that CDNs provide.

WebRanger CDN

 WebRanger have a number of significant nodes placed across the world to bring your website contents closer to your users.

World Map - WebRanger

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