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Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a layer 7 Firewall for websites or web applications. The difference between this this firewall to a normal IP firewall is that it can block layer 7 attacks like cross-site scripting (xss) and sql injection.

The WebRanger WAF is a web security system that monitors or blocks incoming traffic to your website. This establishes a barrier between malicious traffic and your website. By using WebRanger, you can manually or automatically block malicious traffic.


Advanced Firewall Blocking

Blocking functionalities for the Free Plan is limited since you can only block one single IP Address at a time. In addition to that, blocking is done by manually adding the malicious IP Address. By upgrading your Free Plan, attacks can be blocked via IP Address Range / Country of Origin the Auto-blocking feature is enabled.

Defend against Attackers with WebRanger WAF

Hundreds of websites are constantly being hacked and attacked all over the world. Protect your websites from malicious requests from attackers by letting WebRanger act as your shield.


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