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HTTP/2 is a big modification of the HTTP network Protocol used by web browsers and the World Wide Web. It has long been standardized by existing browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Basically, it is the same as HTTP. The big difference is the decrease in latency and benefits of having increased speed. Added value includes but are not limited to HTTP Header compression, HTTP Request pipelining, and Multiplexing multiple requests.

HTTP/2 is designed to optimize modern websites in a way that HTTP 1.1 couldn’t, without any changes to existing web server configurations. With WebRanger, your website or websites would easily acquire the benefits that HTTP/2 provides.

For a faster and more reliable website connection, use WebRanger HTTP/2 .

A better version of HTTP is now stable and making its way in being an essential element of websites and web applications. Get the benefits from HTTP/2 by using WebRanger.

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