How WebRanger Works


WebRanger – A Combination of 5 Security Resources

WebRanger combines 5 key solutions to ensure your website’s security:


Today, WebRanger now provides free SSL that allows your website to serve encrypted pages to your visitors to increase privacy via HTTPS. Moreover, WebRanger also provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure your sites up-time and performance is in top shape.

The WebRanger Web Application Firewall (WAF) 

is a invisible force field that protects unwanted visitors and threats out from your website. The WAF acts as a fence that analyzes each HTTP request to your website and analyzes it if it is suspicious, malicious or not. It is able to detect attacks to the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and is able to block requests from threats.

The Security Analytics Console

is a system that provides insightful information about the potential threats attacking your website. It highlights potential threats and provides you with the reason why it is labelled as such. Through this console, you can also control the Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block certain threats that are attacking your site.

The Security Operations Center (SOC)

is an Incident Response Team (IRT) that receives all the alerts that are raised by each WebRanger WAF and conducts standard incident handling procedures to ensure all alerts are reviewed and addressed accordingly. The SOC houses security analysts and engineers who continuously analyzes alerts and blocks attacks 24×7.

What Makes WebRanger Effective







Subjecting your web application to a vulnerability assessment testing is a good practice so that vulnerabilities are identified so that they could be fixed. Being unable to fix these issues will leave your application vulnerable. Vulnerability assessments, however, are not reactive and they do not continuously defend your web application against attacks.

WebRanger protects your web application in real-time by identifying attacks and blocking threats. Detection of attacks and responding to them in a timely manner is the key to ensuring your web application’s safety. WebRanger is capable of protecting your web application against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Benefits of WebRanger

With WebRanger


WebRanger is constantly monitoring your web application twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. WebRanger will immediately notify you for signs of attack while we identify and resolve the attack while it is happening. WebRanger will also take steps to ensure that similar attacks will never happen again.


WebRanger is comprised of a team of experts that are certified security analysts and engineers. These experts work under a strict infrastructure specifically built to investigate, respond and resolve any attacks on your web application. This ensures that any and all incidents are addressed in a timely and systematic manner which ensures a fast and thorough response.


WebRanger continuously monitors your web applications and our team of experts investigates, stop and resolve attacks on your web application as they happen.This is done to ensure that further damages are avoided while isolating the attack making them manageable and fixable.

Without WebRanger


Without WebRanger, the only notification that you will receive when your website is under attack, if any, will come from a third party organization. They will not resolve the problem and they will not take any measure to prevent future attacks from happening.


The moment you are notified of the attack, it may already be too late. Protecting your data and your web application takes priority so you will then contact your IT department for them to address and resolve the issue but doing so may take time and resources.


Responding after the fact and being unable to pinpoint the target of the attack will cause your company to take down your website so that it could be investigated and fixed. Doing so will take time and will most likely disrupt your business during the downtime.

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