How to Upgrade Current Plan

6 Easy Steps to Upgrade your Plan

Please take note that you should have a current subscription before proceeding. All upgrade processes would start here.


1. First Login to your account in WebRanger Console. If you have not signed up yet, proceed to the Sign Up Page and fill in the necessary details.




2. Once you log-in, the Websites Page / Website Manager page would be displayed. Select the website you would like to upgrade. Proceed to Overview and click on the Upgrade button on the Second Panel.



3. Select the plan you would like to use for your website and then press the Paypal button. For this tutorial, we would use the Basic Plan.



4. After clicking on the button, the page would be redirected to the Paypal Login Page. Login to your Account.



5. Once you have loggged in, take note of the price and the details presented. Once you have validated the details, proceed by clicking on “Agree and Continue”.



6. You would be redirected to the WebRanger Console. To confirm the upgrade, the status of your website should be Active. It’s possible that the status is “Pending Paypal Transaction” which means your current transaction is still under processing. Please wait for a few minutes then refresh the page.


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