How to Request for Free SSL

4 Easy Steps to Request for Free SSL

Please take note that there is a limit of 3 Requests per Day so make sure to add all the necessary subdomains.


1. First Login to your account in WebRanger Console. If you have not signed up yet, proceed to the Sign Up Page and fill in the necessary details.




2. Once you log-in, the Websites Page / Website Manager page would be displayed. Proceed to the HTTPS Tab.



3.  On the HTTPS Tab, Select Request SSL and a window would be displayed.



4. A list of subdomains have been added (based on your DNS record settings). If there are any domains missing from the list, you may add them. Once all subdomains are added, proceed by clicking the Request SSL button.




5. If there are no errors, the window would close. Configuring your SSL may take a few minutes. Validate your certificate by going to you website and viewing your SSL configurations. Your SSL Settings should be set to Private.


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