File Compression

HTTP Compression

HTTP Compression is an ability built it into web servers that improves transfer of files from servers to a client’s browser leading to increased transfer speed and bandwidth utilization. Without the process of compression, files shown on the browser are not optimized or in simpler terms are in their original and possible large file sizes. With compression, these files are zipped into smaller portions, minimizing the file size and then unzipped by the browser.

This is an option applied to web servers but not necessarily implemented. By using WebRanger, Javascript, HTML and CSS Files that build your website are all automatically compressed, adding more optimization values to your domain.

Compress your Files using WebRanger’s Aggressive Compression.

Data on a sample image file compressed through WebRanger’s compression module is shown on the right. Based on the data shown, you can see the reduced image size by WebRanger. Subscribe to WebRanger and have your web content compressed.

File Size Comparizon

Original Size 3024 Bytes
Compressed Size 1120 Bytes
Bytes Saved 1904 Bytes

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