DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Denial-of-Service attack (DoS Attack) is a type of cyber-attack that aims to render a machine, a server or a website unavailable or out of service, hence the name. DoS attacks are normally done by flooding a server or website with high volume traffic or requests overwhelming and even preventing valid users from accessing these systems.

One variation of this type of attack is the Distributed DoS attack (DDOS attack). This DoS attack involves more than one computers or unique IP addresses as conduits of an attack targeting a machine, a server or a website.

Over the years, DDoS attacks have evolved and became a great threat to businesses out there. WebRanger aims to prevent these types of attacks from rendering your websites unavailable. By using WebRanger, DDoS mitigation schemes would be applied preventing such threats from causing harm to your websites.

Under DDoS Attack?

 Hundreds of businesses across the globe are plagued by DDoS attack, rendering their services unavailable. Let WebRanger help you defend against such threats.

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