24×7 Monitoring

24×7 Monitoring with WebRanger

Businesses all aim for continuity because a slight disruption would definitely cost a lot. They invest on different security software tfor their business-related websites to prevent compromises but their investment doesn’t guarantee a perfect security architecture. The best element for ensuring website security is done through monitoring. As we all know, attackers do not sleep. Whether you are a small to medium or a medium to small business, attackers from all over the world will be there to haunt and bombard you. Who will be there to respond to such unavoidable attacks? Your SOC, if you have one.

By using WebRanger’s paid plan, our security professionals act as another layer of security for your website or web applications. Website traffic are monitored 24 x 7. Rest assured that our analysts are highly knowledgeable of existing web application attacks and  trained to handle any incidents that may occur.

What gives an edge to WebRanger is the Security Operations Center (SOC).

Let’s say, you have already conducted a risk management and bought the tools needed for such but have you prepared for the ultramodern or newly enhanced threats out there? They’re coming and a SOC will be most helpful when the time comes. A SOC provides a systematic way of incident response which will keep surprise attacks from compromising your websites. With a SOC, there will be a more accurate detection and response, and your tools will be updated with the latest threat intelligence. With our security analysts and professionals analyzing, researching, and handling different types of incidents, we are able to provide the holistic security for your websites and web applications.

SOC is Responsible for

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Benefits of WebRanger

With WebRanger


WebRanger is constantly monitoring your web application twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. WebRanger will immediately notify you for signs of attack while we identify and resolve the attack while it is happening. WebRanger will also take steps to ensure that similar attacks will never happen again.


WebRanger is comprised of a team of experts that are certified security analysts and engineers. These experts work under a strict infrastructure specifically built to investigate, respond and resolve any attacks on your web application. This ensures that any and all incidents are addressed in a timely and systematic manner which ensures a fast and thorough response.


WebRanger continuously monitors your web applications and our team of experts investigates, stop and resolve attacks on your web application as they happen.This is done to ensure that further damages are avoided while isolating the attack making them manageable and fixable.

Without WebRanger


Without WebRanger, the only notification that you will receive when your website is under attack, if any, will come from a third party organization. They will not resolve the problem and they will not take any measure to prevent future attacks from happening.


The moment you are notified of the attack, it may already be too late. Protecting your data and your web application takes priority so you will then contact your IT department for them to address and resolve the issue but doing so may take time and resources.


Responding after the fact and being unable to pinpoint the target of the attack will cause your company to take down your website so that it could be investigated and fixed. Doing so will take time and will most likely disrupt your business during the downtime.

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